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Solidifying the Already Solid Game Mechanics

Friday, November 4th, 2011

In the previous post, Saleem showed an example of our most aesthetically pleasing puzzle so far. So, me not being able to get out of focus on one thing, and since the programming team seem to have not correctly implemented ripples as we need them yet, I took the liberty of implementing the code I wrote a couple posts back.

So here’s a similar design from the previous post (please ignore YouTube’s crap at the beginning):

The white marks places where the force of the ripple “field” is strongest (well, it’s really the magnitude of the velocity vector). This video doesn’t show direction of the force. I inspected the field by replaying the simulation only showing the velocity in given directions, and the parts marked green seem to be reachable (provided the outer 4 emitters are directed like cones). However, it is hard for others to visualize until color is implemented.

Thematics leading to design

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

To add to Ian’s post about my experience growing up with water, I just wanted to explain the grounding thematics and idea that is helping us design our gameplay. The central idea focuses around “an exploration of a dying conscience’s last fantasy of reconciling past memories with the power of voice so it can die in peace.”

So we’re following the imagination of a drowning person as they struggle against their death and are forced to reconcile emotions and memories before their time is up. This is all subtext in the game and is never clearly laid out but we want to give enough emotion and evoke certain sounds so that the player can fill in their own feelings and experiences. In thinking up game mechanics (sound bubbles and ripples) and the interplay between voice and its effect on an environment, I’m trying to keep the design of mechanics constantly asking important emotional questions.

Music influences

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Hey guys,

Please use this post to list and discuss the musical influences of Vocal Force.

We talked about Limbo. Anything else ? Links to youtube-like or soundcloud-like sites where we can actually hear something are GREATLY appreciated.