Back to work!

Hello?  Is there anyone here?

Joking aside, the LudicVoice team is back to work.  We’ve settled on a new art style that really resonates with each of us and makes the game look very distinct from anything else on the market.   This art style is based on these concepts arts.

With that done, the design team has been redefining some of the game’s fundations so that it reflects the new style.  We answered some of the questions we had before the holidays.  Here are in bullet points some of the decisions (though they could be temporary) that we have made :

– Pitch is going to determine a bubble’s color, which in turn will determine whether it gets affected by a ripple or not.  If they are the same color, the bubble will pass through like nothing happened.  If it is a different color, then it gets pushed back.  Also, a black ripple will reject every kind of bubble.

– Bubbles will come in 3 different colors, according to the pitch (low, medium, high)  The color will shift in realtime and reflect the pitch on an analog scale, but the color will snap to the closest of the three chosen colors (which will be determined soon)

– Puzzles will be divided in three phases revolving around the idea that to solve a puzzle, you have to open some kind of “shell” and transform its “core”.  The first phase, called Activation, will have the player move around the shell and activate it some way.  There will also be some kind of additional voice interaction that is not related to bubbles.  The second part “Manipulation” will have the player change the environment with tactile input (as we felt we needed more tactile input in the game) Finally, the player will have to change the core’s color with a bubble or by activating it.  This gameplay phase would revolve solely on the dragging, flicking and creation of bubbles.

– Finally, there is some kind of layered progression (hopefully) through the game.  At the highest level, there will be the overworld which would contains the different levels.  Each level will contain 3 to 4 self-contained puzzles that will be accessed just like the levels were in the overworld.  Even though it is a “higher” level, progression will always be made downwards, since the individual that is dying never gets “closer” to being awake, to the contrary.

As for the other departments, art is updating the visual style with the programmers, who are also working on the dynamic camera and the prototype.  The audio is going very well as well, since we are getting closer to having the voice input on the iPad and we have created a neat layered audio effects engine.  Basically, when a puzzle is unresolved, the music and ambient noise is very unsettling, but as you solve the puzzle, each sound variable gets more harmonious, until every sounds good and natural.

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