Achievement unlocked : first puzzle!

We did it!  We have a first puzzle!

It’s not too hard, yet not too easy.  It showcases most of the mechanics, but yet do not “burn” them for the rest of the game.  We feel that this puzzle is a good example of how the game will be played.  Let us walk you through it.  It goes without saying that there are spoilers.  You’ve been warned 😉

Phase 1

The player comes close to the puzzle.  He sees a core that is surrounded by sharp and impenetrable blocks.  There is an emitter  nearby.  What should he do?

Art & sound : everything is quiet.  The puzzle elements are on a black and white color scale.

Phase 2

By activating the emitter with a bubble, the player finds out that, where the bubble would get repelled by the blocks, the ripples can actually go through it.  At the ripples contact, the core activate.  Yay!

Art & sound : the emitter gets colored and emits a sound based on the bubble that activated it.

Phase 3

Now the core’s pretty mad.  Mad enough to send some of the blocks surrounding it around the emitter, so the player can’t change its color again (which he may need to do to transform the core’s color again and solve the puzzle).  The thing is, by moving around like that, the blocks get less strong.  Thus comes the manipulation part.

Art & sound : the whole puzzle starts activating, giving a sense of livingness to it.  The environment gets louder, but the sounds are not harmonious at all.

Phase 4

By moving the blocks away from the emitter, the player will be able to throw a bubble on it, thus changing its color, which will transform the core and solve the puzzle.

Art & sound : visuals stay the same as in the previous phase.  As the player gets closer to solving the puzzle, the sound get more harmonious.

Puzzle solved

The core is transformed.  The whole puzzle gets harmonious, the conflict is resolved and the player can move one.

Art & sound : The visuals and ambient sounds are all harmonious, showing the the conflict has been resolved.

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