Music influences

Hey guys,

Please use this post to list and discuss the musical influences of Vocal Force.

We talked about Limbo. Anything else ? Links to youtube-like or soundcloud-like sites where we can actually hear something are GREATLY appreciated.


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  1. Saleem says:

    These two songs in specific were really inspiring to me in 2 ways. The first song creates this melancholy ethereal sounding nostalgia with its fantastic use of synths particular note at 1:36

    and this song ( ) uses dissonance and small repetitive noises very well. The synth at 1:00, 2:20, 3:11, and the voice at 3:24 inspired me to think about the sort of noises the environmental sound emitters (that make ripples) could produce. The stressful part of the song at 3:35 and everything afterwards made me consider issues of stress/intensity and conflict that needs to be resolved.

    Anyways these were just 2 of my major inspirations, I have plenty plenty more that I’ll compile into a blog post myself!

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