More Concept Art!





Here are a couple of concepts. I’m working¬†independently¬†from the design at the moment, so all the concepts include a waveform bubble and some sort of platformy environment.


– Ink in Milk

Here is a simple straight forward concept. Very fluid and painterly.

– Geometric concept

Here is a very different concept:

Here is an explanation on how that is a representation of a sound waave

And some environment


Please post your thoughts as comments to this post.

– Mo



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  1. FXDupas says:

    Wow, the “star bubbles” are very beautiful.

    I see an issue, though : the bubbles should convey clear visual informations about their sonic properties, so the player knows what to do if he wants to cancel / reinforce them or interact with them in any way. With so many colors, I wonder if the player will be able to understand this quickly.

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