Ripples in details

To make a delicious ripple, you need the following elements :

Frequency : this is the rate at which the ripples are created by the emitter.  The higher the frequency, the higher the number of ripples in a given amount of time

Force / Thickness : this is the strength of each ripple.  A strong ripple will be able to move objects faster, to counter stronger ripples et to burst bubbles more easily.

Lifespan / Distance : each ripple will fade away after a certain time (or else the gameplay would become a mess pretty fast)

Color : just like with bubbles, ripples could have a color that reflects special property.

Direction/Origin / Angle : the ripples emanate from a precise location (the emitter) towards a certain direction at a certain angle ( 360 degrees or less)

Velocity : each ripple travels at a certain speed

Bounciness : ripples will have the ability to bounce on some walls

Sound sample : each ripple will also contain the sound given to it by the emitter, a sound that will be heard if the player’s avatar touches the said ripple

***As you must have understood by now, ripples properties will be closely related to bubbles properties.  However, I did not make a diagram describing those relations like in the “Bubbles details” post, because we have not settled on a solution yet.  However, I feel like this is enough work for the week!***

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