Artwork, Level Transitions

Here are some early visuals. More to come soon.


Down the drain


The light at the end of the tunnel


4 Responses to “Artwork, Level Transitions”

  1. Ian Arawjo says:

    Haha I haven’t talked about the drain yet… it’s not really important until we have a working prototype first. I like the “light at the end of the tunnel” though.

  2. Saleem Dabbous says:

    This is really cool! I like the lighting experimentation and the fauna. A mix of this plus Mo’s ghostly milk ink sketches and I think we have something super cool and ethereal.

  3. Volupty says:

    It needs more polish but I think it is an interesting twist to the original concept.
    I like ”sinking” end of level idea, even if it is not implemented ”now”
    For the avatar, we need something less defined…something…ethereal :p

    Here’s my smiley web thought of the day:

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