The Shallow Water Equations

I believe that we need to use the Shallow Water Equations to simulate the ripples on a 2d plane. The height map generated would then be rendered based on extremes, for instance, only heights after a certain cutoff would be rendered, to generate the “sonic wave” effect yet provide the organic visual and interaction we are hoping for. I’m trying to find an algorithm that does the simulation and isn’t coded in MatLab or some obscure oceanic simulation software. Stéphanie also mentioned that she would contact the TML for help, since Michael is busy. – Ian

GPU Water Simulation (using SWE)

2D Fluid Simulation in C (needs to be extended to extract heightmap and add gravity)


4 Responses to “The Shallow Water Equations”

  1. J-F_bourbeau says:

    Thank God for programmers!

  2. Volupty says:

    Have you any update on the possibilities in Unity?
    If so, how do you plan to do that?

  3. Ian Arawjo says:

    As of now I’m not worrying about how the data will look and input into Unity, that’s for the programmers to figure out. What I’m worried about is how to get the data in the first place. We need a velocity map and a height map to send to Unity, which can be applied to moving objects in the fluid and generating a visualization.

  4. FXDupas says:

    I’ll give you back the programmers after I’m finished with them 😉

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