Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve set up the game design document, which is available in the Ethereal GDD section of this website.  This is just a first draft, so it is bound to grow in the next few days, as I’ll complete some of its sections.  Of course, there is some stuff there that is beyond my reach, especially the visuals and sound design sections, so feel free to add sketches or paragraphs.

I think we should have a code if we have to write down things in the GDD.

Normal : text explaining the game

Bold : metrics

Italic : something else?

Hopefully, it will be completed some time next week.

4 Responses to “GDD FTW”

  1. FXDupas says:

    The Ethereal GDD section of this website. Wow. Sounds great !

    Forget my ignorance but… where do we find that GDD section ???

  2. s_dabbous says:

    Up top, in the menu links of the site!

    Thanks for getting this up JF! I know this might seem like a minor thing, but I really think the GDD (and our game design in general) should be gender neutral. The character in the game is not defined by their gender, it should be the player filling in their own relations and identities onto the template we provide.

  3. Ian Arawjo says:

    It’s perfectly acceptable to use they and their in place of he and his in this context. (also, I just played through Portal 2 again with commentary and this is relevant:

  4. J-F_bourbeau says:

    Good idea, though I will have to think about it when I write texts!

    I made the necessary modifications 😉

    I also wrote a little update on the main post to make things clearer if you have to write anything in the GDD

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