First minutes of the game

For everyone,

I included the flowchart we made yesterday in the GDD if you want to check it out!

Basically, after the splashscreen (where we’ll strongly recommend to play with headphones on), all the players see is some kind of visual turmoil, through which we can’t see anything.

The first time, he’ll only have the option to press Play.  When he does, he’ll be prompted to speak in some way (text or icon), which will make the turmoil thingies disperse for the players to start the first level.

However, when he gets back to the game, the menu screen will let him either continue his game or start a new one.

The overall structure of the game is pretty simple.  After completing the first level, the players will have access to the overworld, from where they’ll go to other levels.  This zone is surrounded by the same “turmoil” from the beginning.  As the player unlocks level, the safe zone will grow and let him access new places and so on…(this is not very important right now, as we’ll be doing a single beta test level, but please keep this in mind for the long term!)

The game automatically saves the player’s progress after the completion of tasks/puzzles in the levels.  On this subject, if the players close the app temporarily to check theirs emails, when they’ll come back, they’ll be exactly where they left.  However, if they completely close the app or their iPad, then they’ll be brought to the Start menu the next time they play and their game will resume at the last checkpoint.


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