Solidifying Game Mechanics

Today the design team ¬†wanted to figure out and solidify mechanics for the prototype since we still had a lot of ideas that weren’t mixing with each other. We managed to get a breakthrough in terms of how the mechanics all interact with each other to create compelling puzzles, and went about designing one.

At first we tried designing the very basic first puzzles the player would experience, but we were hitting roadblocks. So we had the idea to try designing a more complex puzzle that would help us work out the mechanics and then strip the pieces away from that to create the first few interactions. I’ve embedded the video below that shows the more intricate puzzle that helped us achieve this goal, and are hoping it would be the final puzzle in the prototype! To understand the video you have to know about our breakthrough. To solve the puzzle the switches you would activate are pathways that the bubble has to flow over. Ripples would be used to create the optimal conditions to allow your bubble to flow on a pathway, and the player can only flick bubbles, not drag them. The design team will present this to everyone during our next meeting so we can finally start designing our December prototype. For next thursday our goal is to get a “grey box” level running on an iPad!

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