Where we’re at : November 10th

Just a quick post to make a summary of what every department has done to this point as of this afternoon.

Programmers :

  • Programmers have been working hard on what we needed the most : bubbles and ripples.  Joachim has managed to make some kind of very cool procedural bubbles.  However, they are (or were?) glitchy, so we’ll need to resolve this issue.  The collision properties must be adressed as well. The thickness property has also yet to be incorporated, but it’s a matter of time.  As for ripples, Bronson found an efficient way to make them.  We’ll also be able to constrain their angle of propagation so that’s great.  We still have to calculate each point’s velocity (to make ripples interfere with each other).

Audio :

  • FX is currently on the audio engine, which he had to start from scratch after Tuesday’s decisions.  He seemed confident to be able to finish it by  the end of next week, so that’s great!  After that, Jonathan should be able to make it so that it fits nicely within Unity Accessoires.

Art :

  • The artists are finishing up the concept artworks so that we can have a good idea of what the game will look like.  Mo and programmers should talk as soon as possible, so that the artists can start to make stuff look awesome.


  • The design team has been discussing about level transitions and dynamic environments, none of which will be there in the first prototype.  However, it did brief FX on the sound design aspect of the game and everything looks pretty good in this manner.  Lots of decision have not been made yet, but we thought we’d wait for a first rough prototype to see how things turn out.

And don’t forget to fill you reports! 😉

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