What is Luv

We are LudicVoice: a team of specialists working together to design sound and voice-based games, as well as games that explore historical adaptation.

LudicVoice considers the role of voice as an important and largely unexplored input channel for controlling the interface of digital games. Central to our exploration is a consideration of vocality as a corporeal practice used to affect players’ experience and enhance levels of engagement and interactivity within gamespaces. How can vocal interfaces be used not only to communicate with other players but to control the gameplay? How can vocal play be used to move beyond the Garage Band vocalization of popular lyrics to create new categories of expressive speech? How can vocal control and expressiveness be integrated with more traditional input modalities?

LuV is part of the Technoculture, Art & Game Lab (TAG), which is, in turn a part of the Hexagram institute for research-creation in the media arts and technologies at Concordia University in Montréal.

If you are interested in being a part of one ofour projects, please send a query letter and CV to <jason.camlot@concordia.ca>.


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