Maritime Maidens By Genesis Gaming

December 25th, 2017

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Wild Horses by Novomatic

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LudicVoice – From to YUL to SFO

March 6th, 2012

Montreal is far too little for Ludivoice’s ambitions!  Saleem and Joachim are at the Game Developers Conference (GDC).  Of course they’ll be learning, discovering, socializing, party…working…but between all that, they’ll be showing the latest build, Ian’s prototype and concept art.  Come back later this week, maybe we’ll have pictures (if only digital pictures could bring the warmth and temperature of San Francisco…)

the beginnings of a level editor

March 1st, 2012

next up: prefab deletion, clear button, multiple goals, prefab highlight selection (in editing mode), show goal linked to block selected, goal selection and changes, ripple radius adjustment (editing mode), goal radius adjustment (editing mode)






Back to the future

February 21st, 2012

The December Ludic Voice presentation is now online.  It hasn’t been long, but it is amazing to see how far the game went since then.  The presentation is divided is 6 parts, one for each departement as well as an introduction and conclusion toboggans gonflables.


Want to see some bubbles?

February 21st, 2012

This is but a small taste of the great things that are to come for Ethereal!  As you can see, by pressing the avatar, the player can create a bubble with his voice.  The voice controls the speed at which the bubble grows, while the pitch controls the color.  Enjoy!

Toy 1 : The Loop

February 9th, 2012

This set of interactions, though it does not have gameplay purpose, showcases the interaction between bubbles and ripples depending on their color.  Ideally, the bubble will perpetually go around the central emitter.

Puzzle 3 : the Mess

February 2nd, 2012

The player arrives to this place which is kind of messy.  Blocks are floating around, while two inactive cores rest in the middle.

If the player tries to activate only one core at a time, the blocks will surround both the one that was activated and the one that was not, preventing him/her to activate the other one with a bubble.  The player must activate both cores at the same time.

The activated cores are now surrounded by blocks.  However, these blocks used to hide emitters, which they don’t anymore.  This will let the player activate them to transform the core.  However, not every emitter can do it, due to their direction, angle and range.  The player must find the two emitters that will let him/her transform the cores.

Puzzle 2 : the Spiral

February 2nd, 2012

The players arrives to this spiral-looking maze composed with blocks.  The whole zone is a non-drag zone.   At the center of it rests a single core.  Four inactive emitters (or they could be active) are around the spiral.

The player must first activate the four emitters to be able to flick a bubble in the spiral, which will get to the core thanks to the new ripples.

Now that the core is activated, the emitters start moving around, thanks to blocks that are pushing them.

The player must now time his flicking in a way that the bubble will get to the core.  The bubble must also be of the right size, since if it loses too much momentum of does not, it will the right timing spot.

Puzzle 1 : the Fortress

February 2nd, 2012
Phase 1
The player comes close to the puzzle.  He sees a core that is surrounded by sharp and impenetrable blocks.  There is an emitter  nearby.  What should he do?

Art & sound : everything is quiet.  The puzzle elements are on a black and white color scale.

Phase 2

By activating the emitter with a bubble, the player finds out that, where the bubble would get repelled by the blocks, the ripples can actually go through it.  At the ripples contact, the core activate.  Yay!

Art & sound : the emitter gets colored and emits a sound based on the bubble that activated it.

Phase 3

Now the core’s pretty mad.  Mad enough to send some of the blocks surrounding it around the emitter, so the player can’t change its color again (which he may need to do to transform the core’s color again and solve the puzzle).  The thing is, by moving around like that, the blocks get less strong.  Thus comes the manipulation part.

Art & sound : the whole puzzle starts activating, giving a sense of livingness to it.  The environment gets louder, but the sounds are not harmonious at all.

Phase 4

By moving the blocks away from the emitter, the player will be able to throw a bubble on it, thus changing its color, which will transform the core and solve the puzzle.

Art & sound : visuals stay the same as in the previous phase.  As the player gets closer to solving the puzzle, the sound get more harmonious.

Puzzle solved

The core is transformed.  The whole puzzle gets harmonious, the conflict is resolved and the player can move one.

Art & sound : The visuals and ambient sounds are all harmonious, showing the the conflict has been resolved.

It’s alive!

February 1st, 2012

They said it was too hard.  They said we wouldn’t be able to do it.  They said we were fools…

and they were wrong!

The team has finally managed to make PureData (audio software to detect pitch and make sound effects) talk to Unity, which in turn talks to the iPad.  What does that mean?  Let met show you.

Voice -> iPad’s microphone -> Unity -> PureData (sounds gets processed here) -> Unity -> iPad -> Human hears!

We should have a voice-controlled demo pretty soon!

As for the other departements, well, the programmers are working on stabilizing the bubbles, the artists are testing visual stuff in a way that we’ll know exactly what to do once the programmers are ready to incorporate art assets and the designers are updating the GDD and taking a backseat to see how things unfolds.